Changing Latency

This is the first problem i got with this wonderful program.
I hope you guys can help me out with this one.

I can barely finish tunes because of the CPU that’s hitting 100%.
After a bit of research i noticed you adjust the latency of renoise.
Not a big of a hassle, so i tried it, but got company by a HUGE feedback signal through the output of renoise.

I would love to lower my latency so i can save some CPU, but in this case it’s not really possible to adjust the latency.
Is this a common problem or is it just my computer/interface/settings?

I’ve a macbook with a focusrite le soundcard.

There’s a tool called “Freeze Track” which can help. Check it out:

Not sure how you are getting feedback? Are you adjusting the latency in the Sample Recorder? Don’t. This is not what you want. Instead, adjust it in the preferences:

The bigger the number the easier it is on your CPU. Also try playing with GUI settings to spare some CPU cycles:

Hope this helps.

Lower latency = higher CPU usage, not the other way around!

Other than that listen to Conner above ;)

you’re right kazakore, my bad ;)!

i’ve seen the tutorials tho here’s a picture of my settings :

if i change the 54 ms to less or more, then the feedback will come up. So i can’t change any of it.
I already have the freeze tool, tho thank you! but if i want to arrange my tracks i would love to tweak some stuff ;)!


What if you hit the Reinitialise button after changing it?

Seems like a pretty modern mac to me.

Are you using a lot of VST instruments or something?

A plugin is a self contained program. They have their own CPU requirements. You can’t, for example, run 20 instances of Kontakt and blame Renoise.

Please provide an example XRNS file for us to look at, as well as a better description of “feedback.”

it doesn’t matter how filled the project is. If i change the latency you get a feedback signal. Like you have a echo that’s with a 100% feedback.
the mac is like 4 years old.

Model: MacBook2,1
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
Processorspeed: 2,16 GHz

i’m not running 20 kontakt plugins. It seems like i’m “trapped” in a certain buffersize.
reinitiliase button doesn’t solve things either…

Is it any different with the internal soundcard, instead of with the Focusrite?

same problem… :(
i put the latency above or under 54 and it gets the feedback signal