Changing Pitch With Effect Command


Supposed I have a sliced up break beat mapped out across the keyboard. Typically each sample would be assigned to a single key, which might be enough. But is there a way (through effect commands) to trigger say the C4 sample but having it sound a 1/2 step higher? How about an octave?

I could of course work with one instrument per sample and just hit the note I want, but I would like to try this approach, since it seems to be easier, not having to change instrument all the time.

setting the Ticks Per Line value to 1 using F201 should do the trick.

this way, any pitch command should be applied instantly, so try the following:

note ins comm  
--- -- F201 => TPL = 1  
C-4 01 0110 => C#4  
C-4 01 01C0 => C#5