Changing Resolution Without Affecting The Recorded Data

Ok, I have that great beat, but now I want to add a piano improvisation or orchestra or things like that and I feel frustrated
because the LPB of the project don’t offer the resolution I need, I change them, and the tempo of what I hear is too quick

I know I should set the resolution at first, but I don’t know what it’s gonna come when I’m at the keyboard…

So, is there any way to change the song resolution without affecting the whole tempo, just add more lines between the ones I have?

If not it could be a good improvement as a tool or a menu option.

Thanks in advance!

pattern editor > advanced pattern editor (the tab on the top right) look for ‘expand’, this will stretch your note timings

Great!! thank you.

Expand/Shrink only lets you double or half the pattern length, respectively. It also does not adjust the note delay values you may have recorded.

So if you need a bit more flexibility, you can try my Pattern Resizer tool which allows you to resize/shrink the pattern to any length you need, and will also take care of readjusting the note delays, automation, etc.

Use this tool, best way to get more resolution into a song and adjusts delay values etc automatically, so everything sounds the same…

tool can be found in link:

Yep. Mogue did a pretty amazing job with his tool. Even recalculating pattern commands and shit :P

I’m gonna have to add LFO Frequency params sometime.