Changing/Setting The default Velocity value

Is there a way to change the default velocity when I’m playing notes with the computer keyboard? It’s a little uninspiring to have all my notes blaring out at 127.

The computer keyboard (the one you type emails with, right?) is either ON or OFF. There’s no touch sensitive information that can be captured by Renoise for velocity.

Is there a way to change it? Sure…

You can use the Key Tracking Device connected to a Gainer, for example.

Or an LFO device tied to the track volume, pulsating at the rhythm you playback.

Or, change the ADSR and other properties of the Instrument with the Instrument Editor.

Or, use Advanced Edit after the fact.

And many other creative hacks.

But, if you are expecting your computer keyboard to behave like a midi keyboard, you are out of luck?


No but it would be nice if you could set the value of velocity notes played on the keyboard are entered at. The have this MIDI mapable and those with a MIDI controller, but not of a keyboard type, could still enter notes with the computer keyboard but have a knob set to the entered velocity so change it real time, as programming, rather having to go and change it by physically entering more value with the keyboard down the Velocity column.

Something that should really be in Renoise without workaround but would this be scriptable? I would image it would. Capture any entered note, give it X value of velocity, have X available for MIDI mapping.

I should have been more specific. I just want to be able to set the fixed velocity level to be something other than 127. I realize you can’t get actual velocity data out of a computer keybvoard.

It’s not just about the volume level of samples … I’m playing a vst (e.g. a piano multisample instrument) and it’s triggering notes at 127 and I’d rather be sending note velocities around 100, because that’s closer to the region you’d normally be hitting playing a keyboard. Of course, a knob for live input (ala nanostudio on the iphone) would be nice, but being able to change the value at all for auditioning notes and live recording (even if it’s buried in the configuration dialog) would be better than nothing.

ps connor = kirby long?

So you want a “default velocity” option somewhere in renoise that is applied when the computer keyboard is used.
I shall change the topic title to make it more clear then.

Would be a great feature. People on IRC have mentioned it too.