Changing speed without changing pitch

Hi All,

I’m very tired right now, so my brain isn’t working so good, so I apologise if this is a stupid question/if it’s something obviously done.

Basically, I am mainly referring to one-shot samples here, but I guess this also applies to loop length samples etc. So, for example, I would like to sample a noise for 20 seconds, then change the speed so it lasts a beat/0.1 seconds (or woteva) but so it stays at the same pitch as the original sample.

How do I do this?

What is the best way to do this?

I’m guessing Flex time in Logic may be what I’m looking for here.

Is there a native Renoise tool/method to do this? Or for sample manipulation like this is there a better/best tool/plugin out there for this task?

Cheers guys. :)

If you are going faster, make a pattern the size of the sample beat, fill a track column with c-4 notes and 0Sxx effects proportional to the length of the pattern. That means at “correct” speed there is no difference between c-4 at the beginning of a column and the column you just created.

You can use this technique to go slower too, but it won’t sound as good, and eventually sounds like a bad retrigger effect.

It would be nice if Renoise had a built in function for same-pitch scaling of sound, at least as a resampling option if it can’t do it in real time.

does this tool help?