Changing The Delay-effect Values

so, I was composing my next superhit the other day … :lol:
and I got curious of how it would sound if I played it on 145bpm instead 140bpm. But it is not just that simple to try out as to change the BPM-value… You also have to “recalculate” every channel Delay-values also… so I began to wonder if there is/should be somekind of magicbutton that could recalculate the delay with current settings (for example LDelay 4 @ 140BPM = 214ms… so with a magicbutton this would be calculated to LDelay 4 @ 145BPM = 206ms) ?

Thanks :)

you can set delay values again by using the “set” buttons on the right side of the delay panel:

the numbers on the left of the set buttons represent the delay duration expressed in pattern lines, according to the present BPM.

So, if you change the BPM value, set the number of lines, and press the “Set” button, delay value will change.

If you need non-integer values, then you’re in troubles :)

Not really, there’s a workaround for this that will work for some situations… If you use speed 06 and want a delay of 1.5 try this:
Decrease the speed to 03, set the delay value to 03 and then change back the speed to 06 again. Now you will have a delay of 3 speed-3-lines = 1.5 speed-6-lines.

yes, yes… there are the “Set”-buttons… but I have the problem that they don’t refresh to show the current delay-value… how do I explain this…

for example if I change Channel1 delays to L4 and R6, and then jump to Channel2 (where the delays should be L2 and R4) the “Set” buttons still show L4 and R6 … and I don’t want to use these values… Instead I have to change the value to R2 and R4 and then press “Set”… :huh:

The problem here is that I can’t remember every channel’s delay sets and have to double check the values from another channel to be sure the milliseconds correspond to the values… :(

hope some of you get my point… the problem is kinda hard to explain.