Channel EQ - How do I view It?

Is there some way to view the channel EQ while a track is playing?

The closest thing I can find in Renoise is the “scopes pane” but this doesn’t look anything like EQ. It looks more like a volume amplitude waves. In Logic Pro X it looks like this. What’s the Renoise version and what do I click on to view it while the track is live?

Is there some way to view the channel EQ while a track is playing?

Renoise does not have a channel strip device. If you need EQs, compressors or anything, you need to add them first via the track-DSP panel.

Once a track contains these devices, you can see them in the lower panel while you edit the pattern or mix the song.

Perhaps you need to make the DSP visible by enabling it in the lower panel

Tip: save the song as a template if you want your song to always feature the devices you’ve added.

Hm, is it about visial feedback while tuning an EQ?

Now the EQ devices don’t have an inbuilt analyser. Renoise calls for hacky solutions very often. Yes you can compare spectral effects of a plugin, with EQs or other effects.

Make 2 empty send tracks, name one “Pre” and another one “Post”. Assign to them different colors (the rounded thick line on top of a track gives a color chooser). Put on each of the track a send device, pointing to itself in “mute” mode, to itself so it lists target as “N/A” - this is to make it output pretty curve while not sounding in the mix at all, it is just a dummy.

Now have your EQ somewhere in a dsp chain. Put a “keep source” send device before, and another “keep source” one after it. Point the first to “Pre” sendchan and the second to “Post” send channel.

In the scopes thing, select the button with master scope/spectrum - the two big buttons to the upper right, one is some sort of triangle wave, the second I mean has some sort of equalizer bars on it. Now right-click the display, tick “Show spectrum”, “Display A”->“Pre”, Display B"->“Post”, “Drawing mode”->Curve, and use the other options to tune the spectrum analyzer to your likings. If something runs through your EQ, you can now compare two spectral curves of pre/post EQ in this window, they are colored as you colored your tracks. You can only display 2 curves at once, and you can ofc choose any channel to be displayed as one of them, not just the pre/post stuff, or use the dummy send channel trick to visualise any other point in any dsp chain left to the send channel.

This trick help?

Ah, might have misread. I thought it was about editing EQ curves, not seeing the response.

Yes, then you definitely want to check out the spectrum analyzer :slight_smile:

voxengo span is a really nice / free spectrum analyzer