Channel Mute via Pattern Command

@taktik I searched for this and found the only way to get the desired result is to place a Gainer set to -INF to do this; shut down an entire channel’s volume.

Is there a possibility that this may be accessible via the pattern sequencer in the future - very handy to just type in a channel “mute” command that fully silences the channel like the Gainer can.

@Raul - is this something accessible via Lua?

Channel of what? What do you mean exactly?

No problem! The channel or “track” mute button like in this picture image

Why don’t you use the track’s pre-volume?


This parameter is automatable. Equivalent to putting L00 to turn off.

With an LUA tool it is possible to create new parameters to automate anything accessible from the API. I already did this in one of my tools to control the metronome control parameters. However, it is better if it is native. It will always be faster.

With the Gainer device do you use the bypass checkbox?

I do use the gainer just like you mention - bypass checkbox, because it allows both instrument and effects to be shut off (no more synth volume, no more reverb tail). Works great! Trying to find a way to do that without adding additional modules (like the Gainer) to the channel/track. Maybe L00 does that to, will try that out, missed that! Thanks!

Yep, just tried out the L00 - doesn’t make the effects chain also turn off. Gainer bypass checkbox does. Oh well…

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Wonder if these might be helpful commands:

  • Cx - In the Volume column, cuts volume after specified number of ticks.
  • X00 - Stop all ‘Notes’ and ‘FX’
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Thanks @Jek! went through all the commands, but forgot the C00 - usually use that for other things, but that might work. I’ll have to give that a try later today. The Gainer works perfectly, just trying to be minimalist :smiley:

@Jek - the X00 works perfectly - almost. The cut is SO sharp that there is a click at the end, remedied by OFF just after the X00. Cuts off both the sample tail and effects. Very nice - tried it before, but I believe I had placed it in the wrong spot. In the FX lane, works perfectly. Thank you!

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Envelope mute device that can be triggered on a desired line and will fade from 0bd to -INF depending on the custom lfo settings. Fastest envelope possible is one line and will result in no clicks. It does require three command lines trigger though Env Mute Device.xrns (1002.1 KB) Env Mute Device.xrnt (12.8 KB)


Scratch that here’s an extended version that only requires one command line Env Mute Device 02.xrns (1002.8 KB) Env Mute Device 02.xrnt (24.5 KB)


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