Channel pressure / aftertouch modulates sample playback volume; how do

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When using a controller that has aftertouch/pressure (polyphonic or mono), Redux maps this information to ‘sample playback volume.’ Meaning, the volume of a triggered sample will continuously change upon aftertouch pressure.

This behavior is particularly counter productive with drum samples when triggered from a controller like Ableton Push–or any pad controller with such sensitivity to pressure. How do I change this behavior? I’d like to unmap channel pressure (as it’s also called) by default. I’ve put forth a concerted effort to figure this out, but to no avail so far.

Any ideas? Thanks!

the aftertouch filters in the edit>prefs not working for you?

the aftertouch filters in the edit>prefs not working for you?

I can’t find the setting you’ve suggested. Could you be more specific about where it is?


I think oneunkind is referring to the Midi section in the preferences dialog in Renoise lunardigs, I don’t think that section exists in Redux.

The polyphonic aftertouch is indeed hardwired to volume, but channel pressure isn’t.

In other words, you need to somehow prevent the controller from sending poly-aftertouch to Redux when you don’t need it.

If an instrument responds to channel pressure, this is because the preset has been designed that way - you can quickly check this by heading into the Redux editor mode, and then clicking the mapping button:

8039 redux-pressure-mapping.png

You can then clear any pressure mappings from the dialog that will appear.

And I agree, it would be really nice to have a MIDI prefs page for Redux as well.

Thank you everyone for the elucidating.

Yes, I’d definitely appreciate a preference for this.

Btw, I’m very interested to see Redux evolve in general; I think it’s an incredible tool.

In the meantime I’ll try to make due. Perhaps I can pre-filter the aftertouch information externally.

Thanks again!