You guys gotta check this fella out
It is the logical step between linear sequencing and tracking (You have text based commands on the timeline)
I am going to chat to the dev Denis and see if we get Rewire into at some point
This and Renoise together would just be some killer cool stuff
Beware it is very young and the manual is still being worked on ;)


kind of strange, I don’t get what the text input is for except to announce things.
Hard to see on my screen.
From what I can tell it’s a very well thought out piano roll type sequencer.

He could make some cash from renoise users if he renamed it Pianololol.

i guess the true test would be to see if someone can make breakcore with it without any externals, if that can happen i think it will be successful.

Is there any form of sample manipulation happening in this, like we have with renoise?
I’ve looked at some of the tuts and the demo song, but I can’t really tell.

also, if you want this to succeed recommend he implement OSC into it. especially since it’s relatively new.

mac port plz

reminds me abit about an older version of FL

Yeah what we are used to in terms of pattern effects in our tracker are done very similar on a note per note basis (only on internal samples much the same as a tracker) although don’t expect every pattern effect you have in Renoise right now (But expect em in the future if his current progress is anything to go by, two releases today so far)
Denis seems to be a really nice guy and has been implementing all my FR over the last few days
He put it out this early in development specifically to get feedback so if you want OSC and so on then get over there and ask for it in the forum
He is currently implementing all the MIDI side of it at the minute (Thinking about it i guess OSC kind of comes under MIDI so i will add that to the list)


er well, other way around, MIDI is a sub-protocol of OSC.

midi and osc are separate protocols and have no relation to one another.

yes 2 different protocols overall.

However with OSC, MIDI is a sub-protocol.

to spec, OSC can speak MIDI like a second language using a type tag.

I probably should have wrote that before above when I made that statement.

Stop agruging and start using this awesome peice of software :) Denis isawesome, im actully beta’n for him atm… trying it out when I get board of renoise… This is a verry good idea for a DAW and has the pianoroll that some of you want as a feature… But really this is a nice peice of ware… I like where it’s gioing and im honestly GLAD I get to be an influential voice in the mold of it… =D


Oh, holy shit. I hate when I hear of new software because Im tooo curious. I need to stay with ONE piece of equipment and do some music hahaha.
I find that in Renoise (I tried a lot of DAWs) 90% of my songs are made in it. But…, I will chek it out this one.

Besides that, I dont see the advantages of rewire Renoise to a DAW that is “the logical step between linear sequencing and tracking”, it seems much more logical rewire Renoise (a tracker) to a traditional DAW like Reaper (much better for audio recording, piano roll)

d00d pm denis and see if he can allow you to beta test… He just wants opinions and us noisers can pull through. You’ll prolly like this DAW, no lie!