Charly Linch- Choke

Just wanted to share a new song of me.

KLIK! and absorb.

(this is offcourse also hopefully an entry for Suva’s Remixta :D )

Have fun! And feedback appreciated!

vipeout comes to my mind.


and a bit disel power.

That track will fill a small gap for me, since the recent Broken Note album was such a disappointment. Barely any fresh songs were included. Liked the sound of your track just like “The Fall”, but i’m not much a fan of the used vocals. Thanks for sharing!

Freaking solid track, sir!! Love the in-your-faceness!! You’ve developed a unique sound, sounds very ‘Charly Linch’, great stuff!

Tho can’t help but wonder what’s sampled and what’s yours…? ;)

The snare is compiled by 6 different ska-snares and with a lot of effects.
The raps are stolen from NWA :yeah: those guys rock!
There are also some special sound fx taken from Batman :yeah: those films rock!

…oh and if your a good listener there’s a little piece of “wapwap” bass taken from Noisia (don’t tell anyone botb)

Shameless Bump…

Edit: Damn now I don’t have 666 posts anymoar!!!

fat sound, gritty bass and nice groove to the beat. The volume of the vocals could be a lot harder though, or maybe even remove them and find a more original alternative?

phat stuff!
diggin it B)

Yeah I tryed to use more alternative vocals but this vocaltrack just fitted so well.
About the volume… I wanted to keep them low in volume because I find the music more important but…
you’re right they could be a little louder.

Thanx for feedback!

a-fucking-amazing sort of bridgeing the experimental with the ever so slightly mainstream without losing the heavy or the kl, thoroughly jealous…

very very nice, and i like the vocals! they could be a tad louder though, understand you want the music in front but they just sound so background.

Thanx very much!

I might seriously take another look at the vocals now…

Thanx for listening!