Chasing After

I think this song has a nice hook that takes influence from oldskool techno and rave but with a bit of a modern twist. I haven’t written (okay… finished) a song in a long time, but I tried to take my time with this one and put a fair amount of effort into it.

I am curious for any feedback that might be offered and hope folks like it.

I’m really digging on this track; it’s something I can easily seen thrown down for club mix, work or a long haul drive on switch backs winding around the coast.

Stacy Horn/EBTG, i suspect one of the most remixed artists around here…
It doesn’t sound bad at all, but not really my style.

Hey guys,

Thanks for checking it out! I appreciate it!

vv you mentioned Stacy Horn. Is that the name of the vocalist? (I know… it’s my song… I should probably know that!). But, you see, in true oldskool rave fashion I just have 4 gigs of acapella vocals that i downloaded at some point since the dawn of the internet and it’s my go-to whenever I need a vocal sample. I haven’t even heard the original, I should check it out! =)