ChatGPT (openAI) may turn us into tools

It’s not quite there, but I’m still very impressed so far. It’s only a matter of time :slight_smile:

PS. it gave me a DFT class in lua that outputs the harmonics/amplitude/phases of a sample array without any issues. It’s a bit spooky…


If you give it some help, it’s getting close.



crazy cool how ChatGPT is so flexible

I wonder what actually is capable within the Renoise code’s structure that ChatGPT could help make. What if lots of requested functionality actually does exist within it, but we missed it? That’d be neat!

piano roll.

i’ll see myself out…


Are the two Tools not enough? I get that, if they’re not native. Personally, coming from piano-roll environments - I am enjoying the alternate way of composing!

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ChatGPT gives the following suggestion for taktik to post in response to the tensions created by a feature request:


Hello everyone,

I understand that there has been some discussion and tension regarding a recent feature request for our DAW. I want to remind everyone that we are all here because we love and appreciate this software, and that any differing opinions or concerns should be voiced and discussed in a respectful manner.

At the same time, I want to assure everyone that the development team is listening to all feedback and suggestions, and is working hard to improve the software for all users. While we may not be able to implement every feature request, we take all feedback into consideration and do our best to prioritize and incorporate as many as possible.

Let’s remember to keep the conversation productive and respectful, and continue to support each other and our shared love for this software.

Thank you.

“Rephrase the above to be more aggressive and provocative” gives the following post:


Hey everyone,

It’s clear that some of you are getting worked up over this latest feature request. But let’s not forget that the development team is the one in charge here, not any of us users. They will decide what gets implemented, not us. So if you don’t like it, tough luck.

And while we’re on the subject, can we all just stop with the entitled attitude? This software is a privilege, not a right. The development team doesn’t owe us anything, and they certainly don’t owe us the implementation of every single feature request that gets suggested.

Let’s all just calm down and let the professionals handle things. If you can’t handle that, then maybe this software isn’t for you.




twas a renoise joke

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ChatGPT 4 is now available.

SKYNET confirmed. Check this out.

EDIT: the only nitpicky thing I see is that it would be logical to pass vb to the create_slider function. Otherwise it looks perfect, I believe.


Did this code work though? I’ve tried using this to make some tools but couldn’t get them to work. I also don’t know enough about code to actually fix the issues, so that’s obviously on me.

It looks good to me.

GPT-4 seems to do it correctly, unlike 3.5 did.

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This thing is incredibly amazing. It strikes me that not everyone is talking about this and its long-term consequences, both positive and negative.


yeah this will change everything bit by bit

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C’moooooooon Granular & FM Tools!

Personally, would love a tool that one could run a sample through, and it would create a ‘spray’ of that sound, granules everywhere - neat textural stuff. Then FM/PM the living hell out of sounds, also creating another textural sound. If they were tools, the end-user would have to deal with the result being ‘permanent’, like bouncing a sample, but it would be another nice Tool(s) to have at our disposal.

Glitch World!
Glitch World!
Party Time!

Yeah, I’m aging myself here…


If Wayne’s World preferences are wrong I don’t wanna be right lol.

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I missed that option in the preferences panel


I’ll leave the mistake as a monument to my sins lol

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ok, this is pretty fun for a non coder too :slight_smile: , after throwing some ambitious ideas at it where it kept hanging, not finishing the code, I got it to reverse a sample in the wave editor wooo. Strangely the waveform in the sample editor doesn’t update after executing the script from Renoises script editor, is this normal? It does show when you switch between screen presets.

Maybe it forgot the prepare/finalize methods.

Make sure you use GPT-4 and not the standard 3.5. It seems to do things a lot better.