Cheap Big & Fast Drives

i’m looking for an external usb hardrive 7200rpm 500Giggers that isn’t noisy and doesn’t leave scorch marks on my desk - pref - looking to spend under 100 pound sterling money. (pref be compatible with linux/windows if that makes a diff?)

any good suggestions as to where i can find this beast?

in b4 ebay / dabs

Why would it matter if the external drive is 7200 v something slower?

Will you be hooking it up via firewire I take it?

no - my crappy laptop only has 2 usb ports and an ethernet lan thing - no other ways to plug things in - as for speed - i just want the fastest drive i can as i plan to put all my audio samples on it - at the mo its a seagate 350gig or maxtor 500gig - unless i can find anything better

this could be useful
5400 rpm drives and/or 2,5" drives should be quieter, but they are usually slower as well…

Hey nsound first make sure your “crappy” laptop has USB 2.0 connectors and not USB 1.1 (which my “crappy” laptop only has). You can check in Control Panel > System > Devices.

If you have only USB 1.1 then don’t get an external HD because you will be very disappointed with performance.

That being said USB 2.0 will not be able to keep up with a 5400 RPM hard drive, so save your self some money and just get that instead of 7200 RPM.

Also consider purchasing Network Attached Storage. If your on 100 Mbs ethernet then it will be half the speed of your usb 2.0, but it might be worth it for convience. If you’re on wireless g or worse then you’ll probably really notice the speed difference so it might not be as valuable to you.

Finally I get most of my equipment @ Signup for the newsletter as sometimes they have some good discounts on Hard Drives. Also the ratings will help you make a good decision.

Good luck

thanks for the info DDtMM - have usb2 but thought there might be a speed isssue with the connection -

hmmm, only have 10gig left for storage on laptop though and i cant see it lasting very long…