Check my beat

Check my beat:

Just a drum demo.

Renoise is fun. :lol:

Nice samples… IMHO you should have a longer crash.
Here some thoughts in my mind as I listen… hope you find em usefull… they are pure personal opinions, of course.

As you listen to it you can clearly understand that’s something “artificial” because there is “little” relation between one sound and another. That crash is one moment when this is evident… it builds up that “MIDI FEELING” …that is not the optimal way to make it “sound”.

I am also not sure of this… but it sounds like you have more samples on one track-channel… like the sound you play is not free of playing till the end… and it keeps being cutted by the next one. This means cutting the normal reverberation contained into the samples… and this results in unnatural sounds… if you can experiment with this kind of dynamics with an industrial - electronic - experimental tune… you can’t really tie such choppings to a “rock” setting like the one you created :) This is much more likely to need a “Seems-real” sound setting :)

Hey thanks for the feedback. Yes I agree with everything you say - I will try to make it sound better and now I have something to go on. :D

I was really just testing out a drumkit samples-pack I got but it may turn into something more than that. :lol:

I hear reFX-Slayer … hehe

however, with the drums, try this :

set the instrument of the drums to “note-off” as new-note-Action and add a volume envelope which fades out in a half bar.

set the speed to 16 (adjust bpm accordingly, to (bpm/6)*16) and use the notedelay command.

also, use 0900 (sample offset command) to the hihats with values from 00 to 03.

also, the key is to realize that a drummer has only 2 arms and not 4, he cant play a snareroll and the hihat at the same time.

an example is here :…es/

now this is not perfect, but it should be way better and a starting point for you.

…and here’s some inspiration. :)

btw, the sample offset on the hihat was a great tip.
Never thought of that.

a pity that the sound is so dull. great video. where is it from ?

and just about it, that kids t w e l v e years old. goddamnit. but I guess he does not waste his time with pokemon-stuff, hehe.

and btw, for more inspiration, check old led zeppelin stuff, like the “immigrant” song or “whole lotta love”, the way the drummer and the bass-player play together is completely insane and a very good example how to make something groove. (go for the “bbc-sessions” if possible, its a recording of live gigs they made for the english tv-channel and they played their song much faster in these shows).

Thanks guys for the tips and stuff … :yeah:

If you want to know about how a drummer and bassist lock on to eachother, try progressive metal or any proper jazz recording. I’ve had my share of Led Zep when I was younger, without finding much of interest, but maybe you can. Hope so.

sample offset can be happily used in the same way with snare, ride cymbal and bassdrum samples to achieve different velocity levels (damn, I’m starting to talk as a MIDI user <_<).

with higher values, it can be also used with crash cymbals.

this is also true for strings, to have different attack curves.

Not YOU, Itty… please…
:lol: ;)