Check out my EP, please

Here are two of my latest creations, I call it a trance. I consider those tunes to be almost the last trance creations but I hope you will like it and give me feedbacks. Here you go:

Checked out the first one. Not a trance expert or anything but it sounds all right to me. General progression of the track has a nice balance between being repetitive and hypnotic. Good work on that.

Some of the lead sounds could be bigger/more HD I guess,but the beats & bass were good. (Although I wanted to hear more shuffling elements like percussion, hihat loops etc.) Your bassline ocassionally does some weird stereo movement, you should mono the low end to keep it stable. And finally I’d try to create a more 3D mix using more reverb etc. because the mix is very dry, even on headphones.

Overall, good job.

Thanks so much for your accurate feedback! :slight_smile: I will take that in account next time I will be working on this one.