Check Out My Own Online Games!

It’s Vic-20 games, running in an emulator online:

All these are yours? Thebreakout is superb. I still own two Vic-20s and used to program quite a lot for it, along with my Spectrum. Coolfactor for all this is 100/100. Url bookmarked!

Thanks! Yes, all are mine but three of them was made together with others (names in the info).

Check out this active vic-20 forum:

Cool stuff Boray! Maybe you can code a new nibbles version for a future Renoise update? :)

nibbles would be great , but then i`m allways playing :)

I noticed the commy screen and my first response was lO"$",8,1, but that doesn’t work on your animated Gif :P

Animated gif?

I thought so, it did not responded to key input.

Well, it should…