Checkbox Notifier Question

If I have some code like this:

–create GUI

 local note_button_2 = vb:checkbox {  
 value = true,  
 width = 18,  
 notifier = function()   

Is it possible for the code in the notifier function to update the “value = true” to “value = false” on the fly.

i.e. update the script GUI while open in renoise this way?

Thanks Bantai,

the explaination was more to illustrate the point rather than literal,

I will see what I can do with your example.

Ok I don`t think I know how to do this yet.

I am working on this pianoish tool:

1270 TickyRoll0_032.xrnx

Currently loading the tool iterates the pattern row and adds the correct states to the checkboxes.

What I want to do is be able to click a checkbox then have the tool re-apply the states of the all the checkboxes ( via an iteration again) i.e. get feedback to the piano interface while the GUI is open.

Also probably more importantly making changes to notes in the pattern editor to notify the same (setting to correct checkbox states while the window is open)

I may be missing something obvious here with notifiers but can not see what yet?

stupid question,how do you load this tool?cant see it in the tools “drop down”

It`s a keyboard shortcut. Be warned this is early alpha but feel free to have a test with obvious caution.

thanks, will have a look.

edit: that test tool is looking good from first impressions, will report back…

Great stuff! first problem solved here.

Off to test the next