Cheer Up, Up, Up! :d

Just Cheer up Up UP :D :D :yeah:

looks like you are missing a bracket on the meta-code so we have to cut & paste the link for now.

as for the song, very cool. good production.
the part starting at about 3:00 reminds me of robert miles with the piano… the melody gets kind of old after about 1/2 way through but you remedied that with the robert miles piano… good stuff :)

I guess this forum doesn’t like the link, as the metacode is correct. :unsure:

Thanks. I’m thinking about editing the first part, as I think I over extended it a little bit. :walkman:

no its not, you have the “]” in wrong place

will listen to the song now… :)

edit: sorry, metacode seems to be ok indeed…

maybe it is the exclamation point in the filename that screws it up ?

Besides the weird tag ( :) ) I must say: Very damn good work!!! This song gets me going and it´s very good to see that there´s still some good dance out there which is not so commercial influenced :drummer:

Only this glissando pulse synth (or what it is) is a little too loud compared to the rest of the tune.

Keep on this shit! :guitar: :drummer: :yeah:

I really like the background work alot! (The sounds/melodies in the background).

Nice piano too! And really like the 80s synth that kicks in with the piano! Sweet stuff :)

THe whole song all in all reminds me of the 90s dance music.

Which is awesome!

a “%” works wonders in the free spaces between the “up”'s ;)

Cheer up Up UP!

funny tune btw :)

Thanks for the thumbs up, guys! :)