Cheesecore Rave Flashback

lemme know what you think.



nice pumin beat, good drops but no real main melody.
you know the 3-note rave-thingy in the background becomes a bit boring.
it needs something … a fast, hardclipped acidline …or a twinkling mallet.
try to trigger lead or bass parts random.

btw: i would recommend to cut the bass-parts ~ 500hz with a peak ~ -6db. it will give you more room. and the bass sounds a bit more subtle.

all in all i had a nice listen to it. thanks for sharing! :)

cheers for the feedback engine :) I’m redoing it atm, another version with different beats / variation < 4 mins. Might get a vinyl release on this one.

Some really nice touches in this Jonas. The filter sweeps are really tasty. What filter are you using for that?

Nice upfront sound too. I’m listening to it through my TV so no comments on the engineering unfortunately!