Chemeleon - Lonestar

(chemeleon) #1

Hi. I wrote a song. Are the levels and eq ok? Is it worth listening to more than once or more than partially?

(Paul Buck) #2

I dig it. I would listen again.

(RachmanEnough) #3

Also like it. Anyway I would exchange all the dnb-breaks with a half-time trappy, off-grid (in Renoise delayed) drum pattern. Why ? Because I assume, it fits the hazy delivery of the lyrics much better.

Regarding the mix : It is not bad. Did you record the lyrics in Renoise ? :panic:

(chemeleon) #4

Yeah, I recorded the vocals in Renoise, since you can sync the recording to the start of the pattern. Probably not good that I record in a noisy room though. Thanks for listening :slight_smile:

(EatMe) #5

This song is original and has a very somewhut unorganized chaotical rhythmical composition.

I like that, because it gives this song its own character.

I would advice to, when singing, use more distance between the notes in the part.

More variation on notes 1 - 5 - 5 - 1 or 1 - 3 - 5 - 1 are now still a bit much variations between 1 - 2 and more small 1 - 2 distances.

(EatMe) #6

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