Chemeleon - Post Sleep Dreaming (Extended Final Version) - I added a whole second part and changed the ending, feels like I'm on to a winner

I’ve been working on this song for weeks and weeks. I’m finally just about happy with it. I’d really like to know if I’m making mistakes with the mastering, as it sounds ‘good’ but there’s always room for improvement. Also if you heard the previous version, do you like the direction I took it in? It’s pretty out there, even by my standards… :slight_smile:


Cant tell about mastering but if it sounds good in my crappy speakers then its good.You did a great job with this version in all aspects,time for you to move on. Dont make the mistake of over tweaking,i have made that mistake and i can tell you this,you will never be 100% satisfied just let it be and make other songs.I really anticipate on what you will come up next.

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Thanks for the words of advice and the support, glad to know you enjoyed it :slight_smile: - I worked on it for over 12 hours pretty much straight today, so it’s good to finally have it out there. I can’t hear anything supremely obvious myself, so hoping it sounds good in general, as I think I’m out of steam for the next few months on this one haha. Repost much appreciated too :slight_smile:

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