Chemeleon - Royality

Above average vocal performance, at least by my terrible standards.

Planar cross section of a universal primitive

Code insertion here. Evaluate

Equate abrasion with communication
It’s not the same as being sfucked out of your waveform
But babies come from somewhere
If you hear them (scream)
It’s not their dream that they’re dreaming
It’s your imagined scheme.

I do believe.

I do believe
that dumb royalty
is stdressing up in character
and raping all my dreams. Yes.

If I were me
I’m sure I’d soon see
that everything I’m imagining
is not the way it seems. No.

Firering messages through the cosmos
They say I am the best
and you’re pretty much a loss.
There’s a giant wall that I can’t see
And I think that I built it
when I forgot you were me.

I do believe.

pretty cool, i like it…a bit too much reverbs going on for my tastes though…and needs some highs control imo but nice job, interesting listen all the way through!

Thanks for the feedback dude :slight_smile: glad you found it interesting. Reverb and high end (and low end sometimes) are definitely things I need to tighten up, but my equipment isn’t all that great so I’m having to use spectrographs to balance things, and I generally go for things that look pretty even if they sound awful haha. Cheers :slight_smile: