Cherry Audio Voltage Modular

Hi, I took a look at the Cherry Audio Voltage Modular - a software modular synthesis system which has a large number of modules available via bundles and add-ons.

Anyone used this?



I have thought about jumping into this. It looks awesome!!! Plus, it has been free to download since covid (you still have to purchase some modules, but plenty of free stuff to start with).

That being said, I simply cannot explore another big software at this point. This is still very tempting. I think this is awesome software

First a disclosure: I received a large amount of paid modules for free, due to audio software I developed in the past. This necessarily influences my perspective.

It’s very, very focused on being a system dedicated to making single voices, used as a VST within a host. Whether monophonic of polyphonic, it generally assumes that 1 rack = 1 instrument. It’s more about surgically precise sound design than it is about embracing the generative chaos of a big modular. Whether that’s a positive or not is up to you - I wish it were more about enabling standalone single-rack generative mega patches.

It sounds subjectively very good. I don’t have the qualifications to prove it, it’s just that my ears say so. But you’ll have to program it yourself to hear that, the starter patches are not very adventurous.

Its biggest drawback is the CPU cost (that’s kind of a constant with virtual modular software, since there’s so much going on at audio rates, compared to a non-modular synth capable of much more aggressive optimizations). On my CPU, a reasonably modern i7-4790, a typical Voltage Modular instance will eat 20~30% CPU (as reported by Renoise). And since the biggest appeal of a modular is, well, modulation, I rarely make patches that you can easily “freeze” using Renoise’s Plugin Grabber. I’d probably use it a lot more if I had a more powerful rig.

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One of the c.a. development on gearsluz is a major cunt , calling you a troll when you present him with bugs
I am not a fan , imho their dsp algoritms are not up there compared to synapse , u-he , tal etc…
and NONE of their emualtion are accurate , what do you except wen they release a plugin every few months
Ca 2600 was a disaster when launced I reported dozens of bugs , faulty discoupled resonant peak , major aliasing with osc sync ( still happening ) …downsampling issues etc…
Nah fuck them , reaktor muchos better :wink:
It’s a company I will avoid like the plague …my 2 cents…but they do have a loyal fanboy base ( with hearing problems :slight_smile:

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Obviously, I’m not reading enough gearcrap to keep up with the gossip…

Personally I think Softube Modular sounds better. However it eats up so much CPU to be completely unusable across multiple tracks without bouncing.

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