Chickens - music video by djnick...


Last year I’ve created the most stupid video in my life for younger for a FaceBook game named Chickens [ChickenLines or Pilici on my language]…

I’ve played music in Renoise, recorded my voice and played with it & animated all in AfterEffects… and guess what - after one year it had over 12 million viewers [!?] :D


Pilici // Chickens // Chicks:

Here is translated version on English I’ve uploaded 3 weeks ago [now it reaches nearly 100k]:

Chickens // Pilici:

Also this is the prove that - the more you are making stupid things, the more viewers you will get :D/>/> Here is another example [I’ve created all animations and music]:

Nyan Cat pardon Pig [over half million views]:

Any comments are welcome :)/>

i find your animation and music really funny your music work well with the animation i really like the pig video it seem like if the pig fart a raimbow

I’m glad you like it. It seems that - the more frivolous videos you create - the more viewers you will have :)