Child of Light

There is a void in my life now, where once for about 10 hours there was Child of Light. Seriously if you like jrpg’s, you should play this game. I haven’t had this much fun with a video game in years. In terms of content it isn’t much “shorter” than a normal 30 ish hour jrpg, it’s just really compressed. You fight less battles, you level up really fast, you move through areas really quickly, there isn’t any down time, it just keeps going until it’s done.

Naaa, stay away with computer games. Have to resist… I have to … download … noooooooeeessss ;)

(Dammit, it looks really cool. Very nice artwork…)

The music is really good too. Only 15 bucks.

Oh, active-time battle system! That’s tempting. What’s that ton of DLC, though? Packs of “oculi”? (What’s that?)

This reminds me that I bought the new Zelda and Bravely Default for the 3DS, a few months back, and haven’t played either of them yet. Probably should do that before adding more games to the 700 others on my Steam account (I should just accept that I’m not a gamer, but a damn game collector).

I have been fighting the urge to buy a Vita, too (for FF X and X-2).

…isn’t that a movie from the 80’s with eddie murphy?


I liked the looks, until i noticed the turn-based battle system… This is a pretty dangerous turn-off concept to me…

The battle system is actually really cool as far as turn based battles go. You have a time-bar thing at the bottom with a cast area, and if any attacks land on your or the enemy while casting the cast is interrupted. You can use the firefly thing (in real time) to slow enemy actions, so if you time it just right you can get cool interrupt combos.

Buy a Vita, you’ll love it.