"Chillin' With Zoobooks"

Ok, this is the second song i made yesterday for the album, the theme for this one is a commercial for Zoobooks that used to come on all the time in my early youth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8EvnM2XUTI

And the other sample is from here : https://youtu.be/2xZp-GLMMJ0

The real harmony is the harp sample, and choir, and the percussion is Roland 707 samples. I tried to make this one way shorter, to be like a quick interlude track to transition to the next song, but i think i may have ended the high energy section a bit too quick.

Here’s the XRNI file : https://www.mediafire.com/file/7hyyb0ukwdmw5cd/Chillin_With_Zoobooks.xrns/file

In case anyone wants to get some samples, or make something from mine, or just see what I’m doing, although i should specify that there’s a few VSTs in there, so there you have it.

I think that’s all, thanks for reading, any feedback, whether it be mixing or composition related, feel free to share. Thanks for taking the time to read and listen, and i hope you enjoy.

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