Chillout Times In 128 Bpm

What do you poeple think about it? :rolleyes:

I like it! Definitely has that relaxed, house feel and the melodies are great.

I like the nice strong bass, too; I still can’t figure out how to do that lol.

This guitar (Slayer) kills it, the rest is more than fine.

Thank you! :rolleyes:

Oh, you could hear it was reFX Slayer :rolleyes: Okay, you maybe have right, it sounds really fake, i can agree :unsure:

I must say i waited for the Billie Jean bass there for a second at the start. To be honest i was a bit dissapointed that instead of a killer bass there was an bad sounding piano riff. :P
The song picked up after the intro though, but i still don’t like the sound of that piano. The rest is quite nice though, but goes a bit boring after a while, but i don’t normally listen to this genre much.

Thank you for your words! Haha i know, the beginning sounds much like Billie Jean :lol: But after the guitar solo it gets a bit boring, I can agree with that… Thanks again

I think this is the time of song that would really benefit from some vocals. It would keep it more interesting. The other comments got me thinking about the Billie Jean comparison. You know that Michael Jackson classic would have been pretty boring and repetitive from a production standpoint had it not been for the king’s vocals. In that vein, your tune would make a better “pop” song with vocals. But, nice work.