Chipsine Sound Design

Just sharing an demo song with a few fun, atmospheric ways of altering the old standard chipsine - original ideas and a few based strongly off the official demo, so feel free to steal what you like. Cheers!

Warning: heavy CPU usage!

My computer can’t run it! (T°T )
CPU: 99.9%


OK then. Well, have three XNRSs with the more creative of the 21 DSP chains spread across them instead - sorry 'bout the mishap:

Here, here, and here.

really cool! about 50 % CPU here

sexy! :)

Need a new computer :badteethslayer:


Amazingl!! Each sound might not blow your hat off, but when combined…just beautiful.

Cool - glad to see the frustrating efforts of using a single sample finally pay off. I will continue to work on this song by tweaking it and making it more lush/mastered eventually too, in case anyone cares.

if you CPU can’t handle it, try raising the size of the audio buffer

PS: cheers to the author!


very cool one, impressive work with fx and sound research

the sinewave behaves like a dc-input for a lfo controlled renoise native synthesis based on the phaser dsp with high levels of depth/feedback/stages

the Magic lead, Grimmi, Shoddysine, MiracleDSP! tracks have very interesting chains, I’m going to study them closer

however the ExtraStatic track generates pops and clicks, I don’t know if it’s willfull.

60% CPU here (without the PDC), that’s somehow a bit high, the #21 track isn’t used (?),
there are some odd EQ/filter chains that could probably be replaced by a unique EQ10 solution,
but even with that I think that it won’t lower enough the CPU usage.

maybe, this xrns could be used for computer benchmarkings

btw you should participate to the last DDRC #21 in the music competition forum
with your skills you can make a successfull round

Great sounds :) Respect ;)

Nah, I honestly don’t have the time or will to make something great for this competition. Feel free to steal from this XRNS though if you would like to participate (that would be honor enough for me)! :D

Absolutely amazing work. Great exercise in minimalism, with maximal results! Very impressed.

Impressive and inspirational stuff!

Dang, that was amazingly beautiful. Extremely well done.