Chiptune Time

Hello Renoise community,

i made chiptune quite a long time ago. Most of these tunes have been created for orion keygens. After some years and because of the great possibilities that Renoise offers i created a new coop tune with Nagz (a hungarian chiptune artist).

Have fun with this one!

Sounds pretty typical for you; technically well done, anyway it’s not my favourite style of chiptune :).

Thanks for your comment. :) What is your favorite style?

I like it, but i’m not so much fond of that soloing lead though, think it might be better without it. :)

Of course funky chiptunes :).

This sounds verrrry good !!! keep going :)

This is really cool. I will check out you other stuff on soundcloud. I notice your comment on soundcloud says “handmade no vsts” Does that mean the sound generators are all hardware synths? If so, what is the hardware synth? Thanks

This is nice! Reminded Dubmood whose music I really love. I should listen to more of your tunes.

Hi. The chiptune sounds were made with milkytracker and fasttracker 2. I didn’t use any hardware.

Heard this a while ago in the song forum I think but forgot to comment and favorite on soundcloud. You now have another favorite and follower. Thanks for this track. Awesome!!! :w00t: