Chiptune Websites / Labels

Hi all

Can anyone recommend a good website / label for chiptune artist tracks?

Have looked at but as great as the retro look is, I can’t fathom out how to download stuff! :D

You might like this but personally I prefer Amiga AHX modules than this :)
You can find some on and play them with XMPlay

btw. My two favorite AHX tunes:

edit: To download songs on you have to jsut click the “Chipbench1.3” icon and then proceed entering directories like on typical hard drive :)

Give them a try if you like :)

A gear word list that chiptune artists use helps. EX: Nanoloop, PSPSeq, MidiNes, Littlegptracker, etc. More often than not, it’ll lead you to a cluster of links.

Tons of tracks available on the site (with all that implies) but check the “Releases” section of the forum for links to the really good stuff.

You can check here too : - my chums label

little gp tracker label. mp3 and zip (sources)

A label me and my friends have - Satanic Kids Enterprise.

Maybe not quite what you’re looking for, but nonetheless a great site that is packed with chip (and other oldschool) music:

You have to look up FantomenK’s tunes, they’re awesome! You find it on youtube and other places on the net.
Here’s a couple:

FantomenK is awesome.

So is Nathan Barnatt (aka Keith Apicary).


Hehe, yeah Nathan rules, he’s the one who made me aware of FantomenK! I think i have seen every clip available :P

Bitcrusher Records

Betamod Records

GM4A Records (game music 4 all)


Hey, FantomenK kicks ass :) Wasn’t aware of his music.

aaah great thanks for all these links !

i really liked the first link haha made me remember te few times my amiga crashed and gave the exact image when you go to hehe :P what a stable system that was back in those days

lol he’s crazy

And what about this awkward fella:
Or this: