Choice-fuzzygong-.mp3 Clip Extract
i dunno why i’m posting this link, just thought someone might be interested in hearing a piece of something im working on.

Sounds nice so far, lot’s of old samples used, maybe a bit hollow sounding. :)

Dump the verb and replace with jazz-improv. :)

i have a habit of taking patterns from other patterns and expanding them an fitting them to other patterns. i began using just one file for my work, so far its close to 15 minutes. that was the latest edition to the file, its pretty much a blueprint i guess for what will come. the whole file is pretty much based on soundclashing, so theres a bunch of little pieces abruptly going from one thing to another. eventually i wish to make albums/sets this way.

when i saw so many people posting incomplete things, i realized how good that is to have others give their opinions on the developments. 1st tune i ever completed enough to call complete i was bouncing off a girl everyday. so i had contrast, and a way of looking at it differently, during its composition. i spend alot of time contemplating things that way, but so much more when i’m on my own.

If I doubt myself I will try and post something I start so that instead of investing a ton of time into something I think is great (my judgement is rather poor) only to sound like a pile of ass I gather comments from others and take them into consideration.

Getting back to this song. It’s pretty nutty. I liked the older samples used. I like that drum @ 7:00 and the little bit.

If a chopped break could sound like a mean car idleing it would be that.

Please share the finished product. This is one of those songs I would have played for my friends when I used to get high. Would have made them squirm, eventually realizing I had some scary sounding shit on.

I remember when my friend took his first hit of LSD I was driving him around and would sneak some skinny puppy on the cd player with some really weird shit and the look on his face was just priceless.

Looked like he was going to shit himself.


Ok I am quite sad, but it was funny.