Choice Y/n Rewire Order List "loop" In Renoise Affects Mas

hi, currently it seems that renoise’s order list loop button affects ableton live (when live is master rewire host). how would i go about making sure that renoise’s pattern “loop” button, which is always next to the order list pattern, only has an effect on renoise’s playback, and doesn’t, for example, mess up my recording of a live session based jam when i wish to have a specific pattern loop in renoise, and want to click on it to be active.?

itd be nice to have a choice whether this happens or not, and yes, i admit it, im not sure if there already is, so im asking, is there, and if not, could there be?

18:32 <+p7> doesnt beta3 do that ?
18:32 <+p7> “* Experimental: added a alternative “free” transport sync mode
when ReWire slaved:
18:32 <+p7> You can now in the Audio Preferences (only visible when ReWire
slaved) select how you want to sync Renoise to the master.
18:32 <+p7> * “Full Transport Sync”: is what we had so far. Everything
you do in the master, will be done in Renoise and vice versa
transport wise.
18:32 <+p7> * “BPM & Bar Sync”: this is a new, more free sync mode, which
will not apply loops and start/stop commands from the master, but
nevertheless try to match the masters BPM & bar position. This way
you can play in Renoise more or less freely, while still being
synced to the master.”
18:33 <+p7> didnt try yet tho
18:34 <+distance> well with bpm & bar sync, playback when started from ableton
live, doesn’t start with renoise

so could there be a version of full sync without the loop position being sent from renoise to ableton live? :)
i find that bpm&bar sync doesnt start playback, something which i would appreciate…

You mean when you press start, Renoise will synchronise on the next 16 lines or the next pattern? (like the pattern start sync mode when recording a sample in the sample editor)

what? no… justthat there’d be a 3rd version that does start playback of renoise on starting of playback of the rewire master host… and that renoise doesnt send to the master host the loops that renoise’s orderlist has.

Okay… a toggle button “R” on top of the loop and queue column that you can click so that Renoise know it has to send along loop and queue information to the other host or not.

well, seems that taktik implemented this “dont send renoise-loop to rewire host” in 2.10b4! go taktik! :)