Choose Where To Send Instead Of Send Device

I was playing around and one thing struck me…

At the bottom of each channel in the mixer you can choose where to output the channel. In my case I can choose between: “IO|2 1&2” and “Master”.

Wouldnt it be more logical if available send channels were in this list to? Then the amount of send could be controlled by the regular channel post-fader.

what if you would like to send to more than one channel?

that list is used to send to soundcard’s “phisical” outputs, I would not want to mix them with “virtual” sends…

Yeah… IMO this is just a different approach in renoise and (after getting accustomed to it) I can say that it really is not that hard to add the send device to the channel you want to send =)

…When the user gets used to it they can realise it allows even more flexible sending than other softwares (IE. sending from between a plug-in chain etc.) =)

also you can add the senddevice anywhere in the dsp-chain (opposed to just the end) which is very nifty.

I see ;) it makes perfect sense. Case dismissed :)