Choosing A Good Xml Editor

I just googled looking for a good (free?) .xml editor, to play with the new renoise song standard. And the amount of editors is mindboggling.

This site has tips on choosing an editor:

tho is quite a lengthy read, and since I’m impatient… I’d like some renoisers in the know to advice me on a good editor :)



Notepad++. :)


You can use the code explorer to browse through the xml nodes.


With the XML Plug-In Set:

This is the editor I use for, well, everything.

Anyone know how could I see the contents of a .xrns inside Total Commander?

I found these two plugins and installed them: IEView, xBaseView.
Is it possible with any of those two?

No plugins needed, it’s a simple zip file. Hold down STRG then press PAGE DOWN. That also works with self extracting archives and with proper plugins also for installers.

Thanks! Well, that was easy. :)

Btw, I never heard of STRG before, which I presume is Ctrl… Oh, yes, I googled now… it’s Ctrl in german.

You’re right, i forgot to translate it, i’m so used to it. Btw, i couldn’t live without my TC, just as important as Renoise, another nice tip is CTRL + Q to browse to your sample collection.

cheers for the recommendations, enough to keep me busy.

It beats PSPad and Ultraedit both together.

Microsoft has actually released a pretty intresting free tool they call XML Notepad that can be downloaded here.
I can’t say I have used it much myself but it is probably good for less advanced users I guess ;)

Myself prefer lightweight editors like Notepad++ and Programmers Notepad, both support syntax highlighting and code completion (both build on the scintilla engine)

Thanks for the hint, will try that out. I never used it for xml, but I love it