Choosing Pattern By Midi-note Or -controller

Hi folks,

I use renoise parallel and synced to cubase. For me, it is the tool I´ve waited for for a long time. It´s the best for programming rhythms and edit loops in an very intuitive way. Thanks for that!

But what I miss is the possibility to change the patterns via MIDI. As an alternative way to the pattern-sequencer.
So, I could prepare some patterns, switch on the “Pattern-by-MIDI”-mode and control with my keyboard or cubase which pattern is played at the current songposition. I could mix the patterns live e.g. by playing the first half of pattern A, then the 3rd quarter of pattern B and at the end the 4rth quarter of pattern C.

This would rock!! :yeah:

Regards, the Virt

I think MIDI itself is not that advanced to support this.
You can sent MTC or MMC song position pointers but this is really arranger positions only.
Maybe by using MIDICC messages this is possible, but in what way this should be implemented inside Renoise i have no idea.

In the top of the pattern-sequencer we have the selector for the patterns. If we click the arrows we change the pattern. But why shouldnÂŽt there be an mode to change them with MIDI-notes. There could be a window fpr mapping patterns to notes.

Pattern1 = c1
Pattern2 = d1

Of course, the record-mode should be switched off, if we used that type of pattern-handling. Or, it should use an own MIDI-Channel.

So, renoise would take a step nearer to be livecapable.

Greetz, the Virt