Choppy Beats

How can i make choppy beats i download a snares song on here and if you look at the 01 instrument and then the sample editor aaron as sliced his beats up loads to get a choppy feeling and also added drill effects to the sample. also this is a nooby question why do people put different samples in the sample slot when you have got a loop there is more samples in that intrument slot but how is this being triggered ? i cant find the link to the snares song but it is using the amen beat and he is using 440 bpm in it just i dont get how to chop up the beats cause when i do it it always overlaps and doesnt sound choppy at all its just a constant beat sorry if i dont make sense its hard to explain what effect it is

This might help

well, it would be easier if you wouldn’t be so spare on the punctuation marks :0

i just inserted sum, but i’m not sure about this sentence:

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well, as i’m not sure at all what you’re actually asking, i’ll just assume you asked how one can trigger different samples in a certain instrument slot. and for that i’m just gonna refer you to the (very usefull) tutorials.

in your case, this one might be very interesting:
video tutorial on sample usage

or perhaps you just needed help on chopping up beats (then bytesmash0r’s link should do well). ANYWHO, could you upload the “snares song”? :0
cause now i’m kinda curious. although i suspect i know what song you’re talking about.

Sorry was just in a rush, so my typing skills were shit lo,l thanks for the links guys. Do you both just use the sampler editor in renoise or do you use a third party beat slicer? I found that someone said Guru is an amazing sampler/slicer but they are looking for $245 for it! hope this link works to the snares song: Snares if you look the samples contained in the 01 slot labelled vsnares look how much chopping he has used this is what I am looking for help with, he is chopping up the amen but his beats aren’t overlapping like when I try to do it, I know he’s a skillfull musician and all but is there a way around to doing this, oh and I love the drill effect he is using the only way I know how to do that is by looping but I can’t find any loops in that sample cheers guys

beatslicer = no
manually copy and pasting sample chunks into new sample slots, then using “generate drumkit” in the instrument editor = yes
using 09xx on the original loop instead of chopping to different samples = yes
using 0Exx or Ex(pan) to retrigger the sample for snare rushes = yes
rendering any of this to sample and re-chopping it again = hell yes

snares made that that xrns? = heh… no.

I have been looking at the list for pattern effect commands for the snare rushes do i put that command in the volume, effects or pan column?

Trust me, you don’t want to spend 245 bucks just to have a sampler that seems to be able to chop up your samples while you can do this reasonably well in Renoise.

Try using the gating tutorial of Byte Smasherupon the beats then use the render selection to sample feature to resample the gated percussion, you probably get clean hits as well.

Because this is Renoise 1.8, some of the effects are a little different in 1.9 now, but it will still give you a good idea how to use them.

The retrigger effect can be done in the effect column (all samples in all notecolumns get retriggered!) or use the E in either panning or volume column. Just look at the statusbar in the lowerleft corner what Renoise states about your input.

you can add 0Exx commands into the effect column, and Ex commands into the volume column. i think 0Exx commands will affect every note on that corresponding row, and the Ex command in the volume column will affect that particular note only. for fast snare rushes/drills use lower values (e.g 0E01 will retrig like a woodpecker, 0E02 a bit slower… but this is all relative to what speed your song is… as heiseken highlights in this thread - )

I think the issue is either that he’s using polyphony or that his beats aren’t timed correctly and they sound like they’re stumbling over themselves…

Inix: try using one note channel to lay your beats down instead of more than one, and you’ll find the beats won’t “overlap”… the caps-lock key also places a note-off command which will stop a sample from playing… this can be useful when you’re layering beats.

thank you you all for your help i uploaded some stuff i had a go at making up its not of pro quality just messing about with it all if you have a chance it would be nice if you could view it and tell me your opinon its not really flowing that well at all just really random hoping to have sorted everything out with it soon but got uni work to get in doesnt help having this amazing piece of software at your fingertips when you’ve got hell of a lot of work to be done for uni lol cheers all again you’ve all really helped sorry for asking so many questions too :)

for that choppy sound try use a lot of OFF notes and the Fx/0Fxx command after each drumhit.
maybe even alternating between doing this and not in a pattern each bar. can sound pretty good.

btw, Snares never posted a song. it was a chap called minikomi imitating his style.

lol yeah i really thought it might have been his old stuff cause i havent heard much of his earlier works sounds loads like his style though pretty damn sick lol cheers for the help :)