Idm Cheap Trick...

Find a BPM and speed you’re comfortable with. Then, multiply both numbers by something…

4 is a good number. You’ll notice Exx has a lot higher resolution.

Combine it with 9xx and you can glitch to your heart’s content.

This file shows what a song at 140BPM speed 3 would look like.


cheers for the tip, that extra resolution in Exx can come handy. Normally if I want to achieve similar sounding results I lower the speed and double the bpm or something, but this keeps things clear / synoptic, with the slower scrolling of the patterns. Will try it out after christmas :)

I still like throwing LiveCut VST with different settings into two or three send tracks. Then yanking up the the effect send in the drum channels for the brief moments in the pattern when i want something randomly fast and crazy. when you play with the livecut settings, figure them out, and use them for for drill fills, you won’t get the ‘familiar mess’ phenomena found in other vst’s other people may use for idm

yey, thx for the vst tip, trying it out right now.

now i have dblue’s glitch, buffer overflow and this little baby. gnihihi

and the original tip is good aswell. although triplets get a little complicated again (at first) ._.’

(actually had to use calc.exe: 160bpm, speed 6 times 4, equals 640bpm, speed 24. quarter triplets are now every 64 ticks ((24*8) / 3) and 8th triplets every 32 ticks. and then the delaying and retrigger fun for triplets. meh, too much math in the morning :expressionless: )

live cut feels like a cop out.
i do really enjoy it but wish i had more control over the timing…
it seems like i’d only use it to show how ez it is to make fake IDM

btw no one should ever say idm.
how can one call the music they make intelligent.
i’ve never heard anyone who is legitametly smart and calls themself intelligent :)

Well instead of using it to show other’s how ez it is to make “fake” IDM, maybe you can show them how to use it for live ‘IDMstyled’ sequences…
Sure, LiveCut can be looked at as a copout, but when the tables turn it’s not a copout in live situations when you are controlling it certain way so you just aren’t firing off a 3 and a half minute preprogrammed drum tracks that sound exactly like the studio recording.
I guess it’s how you look at it of course.
Yeah I think IDM is one of those genres names that took off after someone in the press used it. Kind of like “shoegazer”


Completely new to renoise (only downloaded ystrdy) . So please excuse my dumbass questions. But just had alook at this file and tried to recreate it but speed no longer exists!

So want a 100bpm track so set to 400 then 4xlpb (new speed control) set to 16 (as was originally 4) and its going about a million miles a second!!!

Is there some way of converting Speed to lpb?

Sorry if this is completely obvious and its a stupid question but even if i leave lpb on 4 its still going to quick (i think)

Have read the manual and pretty sure i understand LPB but can’t work this out.


I do not understand one thing, how do I display “tick speed” instead of “lines per beat”?

They still look quite different to me, I’ve tried to open his file in song settings and my file.
He’s got tick speed where I have tick per line and the maximum number of tick per line on mine is 12.
I still achieve the same effect changing the tick per line number up or down…
I think I’m missing some point big time, but I don’t know what…

So is ticks per line the equilivent of speed then?

TPL + LPB replaces Speed with a non-insane system that’s a lot easier to wrap your head around.

Going back to the topic of the thread, I have a quick tip I use for IDM loops, but it needs Reason as well.
I usually load a bunch of random samples in the NN-XT and auto-map them and set polyphony to mono, then I connect a Stepsequencer to it and click on randomise pattern.
Do it a few times until happy with the result, then resample the output in renoise, chop it up and go!

Still don’t understand tho how i can write a 100bpm track with the tempo set at 400bpm. How do i work out what the TPL + LPB need to be?
Thanks for all the help

Just use a tempo of 100 BPM.

LPB is the number of lines in a beat. If you set it to 4, then a line is equivalent to a 16th note. If you set it to 24 (my personal favorite) then every 6 lines is equivalent to a 16th, every 8th line is equivalent to a 8th-note triplet.

TPL is the resolution, per line, of pattern effects like pitch shift. Basically, you can leave it alone unless you really want to change it for some reason (I like to change it so that I can pitch shift without a glide, which can be accomplished by changing the TPL to 1).


Understand now. Just set the tempo to what you want it to actually be and use the lines per beat to go crazy with the glitches. The more lines the more you can fit in.

Thanks again