Choppy Breakbeat Action

Unnamed and not quite finished, but here it is anyway.

edit: listen to ‘untitled2’ it’s higher bit rate.

thats some wild shit. I’m interested as to how you chopped this…sounds sorta live

In an effort to get harder sounding breaks I’ve been experimenting with rendering tweaked (eq/effects) and layered versions to .wav and using those.
There is also a lot of 09xx and 0exx going on in addition to track effects.
I also like to work at x2 bpm spd 03.

“Influences - Wesley Willis” … lol, nice one

seems like it’s lacking a lot of high end… but maybe that’s because it’s encoded at a low mp3 bitrate? i can’t tell.

some nice ideas going on here. some of the sine basses remind me of like really old jump up jungle from 1993-1994

keep it up!

Yeah, I wanted to try something a little slower than I have been lately.
I’ve been listening to a bit of old ragga lately and thought I’d take a stab at it for fun, but of course I kind of meandered off like I tend to do. :)

After it’s uploaded to myspace, regardless of bit rate it seems to get a noticable bit of the high end sucked out of it as well as sounding low-bit rate regardless. That’s why I re-encoded and uploaded again, but it still sounded like that :(
I wonder how other people are getting around this, because at like 5 minutes or so, 320k is too big.

Maybe I’ll post the mp3 pre-myspace.

Sweet chopped breaks, the mixing really needs some polish though. I would be interested in the better sounding version, maybe reupload elsewhere?

Dang, I thought my mixing was getting better. I have been working a lot on that.
To some degree it’s a matter of taste, but out of curiosity, what doesn’t sound right to you?

I did try to avoid too much high end, but maybe I rolled off too much.
Plus myspace seemed to really degrade the quality also.
I will post a clean download here in a few hours so y’all can hear it, and I can get a better idea of where my mixing needs work.

Nifty shit… I especially like the vocal chops you made at the begining… the break chops are great too… the breaks at about 2:45 are really interesting… I kinda like the industrial sounding bit near 3:34… all in all, nifty track… keep up the insane breaks :P

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