Chord Bugs 2.8.1 and 3.1.1 - BTUOP G Major

(Johhny5) #1

Strange this, only just noticed it in my version 2.8.1

I can not play this simple chord on my qwerty keyboard.
(i dont use a midi keyboards - what can i say, i like the challange sue me lol)

G Major:

B T U O P (Qwerty keys)
G4 G5 B5 D5 Notes and octaves

Anyone else having this issue?

Also i have noticed some chords are buggy when played back on the pattern editor. Basically some notes are not trigger within the chord.
I cant remember what chords as they where inverted 5 note ones and i had to delete them due to this issue.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: This also applies to version 3.1.1 too

(joule) #2

It’s most likely your keyboard. Different keyboards different chords. Not kidding.

(Johhny5) #3

Well ive also found some chords wont play when entered on the pattern… some notes dont trigger.
Dont rememer the chord of the top of my head as it was an inverted one i made up with five notes.

(Zer0 Fly) #4

I guess it is your Keyboard. Most PC-(Typewriter)-keyboards cannot freely register multiple held keypresses at once. They will fail with certain chords, not registering some of the keys. It is because they were designed for keys pressed serially (writing text) and not parallel. The wiring will determine which keys will be “dead keys” or “ghost keys”, when others are being pressed and held at the same time. You can check this with a text editor - press and hold multiple keys at once, you will see, not all characters will appear. This is normal…there exist some keyboards that have better performance, like “anti ghosting” gaming keyboards (often optimised for certain wasd action combos), or n-key-rollover mechanical keyboards. Keyboards that have full rollover are very rare and expensive I think.

(gentleclockdivider) #5

Get a mechanical keyboard with n key rollover
Ducky -one is pretty good (unlimited n-key rollover over usb , meaning you can press all the keys at once ) ,
Filco is great too , but only 6 key rollover over usb , unlimited over serial connection