Chord FX or Column

I am a bit lazy and find writing chords tedious :slight_smile: How about a Chord FX Column or Command, that let’s you specify the Chord (min,maj,maj7,etc) and let’s you additionally input strumming delay options (up,down,random,) and velocity ramps (ramp up from left to right, right to left, random)?

You can make your chords with the phrase editor and save them as presets for quick use.

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Great idea!

True, but you can’t use phrase as sequences then, since it’s not possible to use phrases within phrases.
Also you have to go into the phrase editor again, load the phrase, know which phrase number corresponds to what chord etc. sure it works, but in this case it might just be more usefull to enter them manually anyway.

Great Tool for entering chords.

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Thanks! I’m using this at the moment, but it’s always taking focus away from the editor window, so you always have to refocus und doesn’t offer strumming. I just would find creating chords or chord inversions based on a base/bass note fun via an fx command, you could for example write a melody line and than duplicate the pattern and then quickly harmonize the melody or even create an Arp (with the arp fx) by simply typing in a few characters. But maybe this feature would not be puristic enough for Renoise.

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I recommend Chordz , a free Vsti
All codenf42 plugins are worth having a look.

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-Axy - Set arpeggio, x/y = first/second note offset in semitones. Using 0 for x or y will use the original note.

There is an Arpeggio effect, though it will only work on Sample instruments.

+1 on your original idea. It would be neat to have the Chord functionality baked in.

+1 The codenf42 plugins are pretty nifty.

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You can use this:
Integrated tool with MIDI mapping support. Build the chords you want. You can even play and record them on different tracks at the same time!

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Thanks for all the tips :slight_smile: I already use Cthulhu, the king of all Chord and Arp plugs, it’s by the guy who developed serum, I suggest you check it out.

Still I would find it great if this was something that was natively available as a FX Command that could be used in combination with the already available Arp command.

Since the FX Command column now has 4 digits, one could be the chord, the second the inversion, the third a strumming option and the forth a velocity ramp option, or maybe strumming and velocity could be one, if using 4 digits is a problem.

helltrack, good idea. I would second this and propose that an option be added (in addition/as an extension, to this suggestion by helltrack, with a possibility to switch it off or on, replaying the entire pattern so tracks of interest can be solo-ed out) where, when one enters the FX Command or accompanying values to that command, the notes on the row being edited are replayed using the new values (mainly serving as an audio feedback to editing when the playback of the pattern is stopped). If that makes sense.

That’s not a general solution. Chord voicing is not only a matter of inversion. There are open and close chords, drop2 et c.

I really liked the solution in comebacktracker, where the arp effect just triggers simultaneous voices whenever it’s a sample (or phrase in this case). Drawback is that max value is 0xf, and three voices only. But I wouldn’t mind that feature in Renoise.

True, maybe if you want the command to be able to build beyond ninth chords and have the option to build all inversions and spread it to an open chord, than it’s not possible. But even if it would “only” go to 7th chords there would still be space left in the inversion digit to have options for chord spreading or doubling the bass root note at least.

Minor revelation: Instead of adding a Chord FX, what about if they just changed the pattern naming convention, meaning you can not just give them numbers but letters as well, preferably the devs would also move the Z one digit to the left so we have three digits for naming.

if this was possibly you could simply name your chord patterns and invoke them with the Z command

ZM7 or Zm7

Then it’s better to solve it in another GUI, perhaps with a chord recognizing/creating tool. Having all chords in root position isn’t interesting enough to justify such a feature, imo. It would be too much of a toy.

I don’t know very well what the subject is about here …

I just want to comment that it is possible to use new parameters in the pattern editor to “do things” from the tools. Obviously, the tool must be on for it to work on that song (these parameters do not affect Renoise).

For example, use parameter TD42 to “do something.” Whatever has two letters and two numbers in exadecimal (from 00 to FF), that do not use Renoise. There are hundreds of combinations available.

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I don’t know, I mean you could argue the same about the limitations of the arp fx or the envelope effects (being only able to move one env). I think root positions plus 1 or 2 inversions is enough for quick access via the table (although using two digit allows for 256 different chords based on the root note… should be enough). But different Opinions, I guess support for Midi FX VSTs would make integrating a more complex chord tool unnecessary, since there are already a lot of 3rd party options available.

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nice, wasn’t aware of that and haven’t stumbled upon a tool that uses this feature yet.

Me neither. But I used this concept in the PRE tool to control the metronome. Maybe there is only this example. What I mean is that it is possible. There is a whole world here.

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