Chord Input Question...

Im sorry if this is in the manual…

I was wondering something…

When playing chords in Renoise it seems to me there are two options for input

  1. Input them manually, ie. program in each note of the chord using the keyboard and tabbing through the chord columns in a track

  2. Playing them live while the pattern scrolls.

Is there any way to input a chord as you play it when the screen is not scrolling (ie, when the play button is not active)

What I want to do is basically move my pattern to a particular line, hit esc and then play a chord. I want the chord to be entered with each not in its own column (just like you do it with the pattern actually playing and moving)

Is this possible? (and do you understand what I am asking!? :blink: )

haha really?

hang on…



I owe you a pint sir.

The documents were not very clear about it… updated it.
Next time do a search phrase “manual chord” in the wiki (if google has reindexed it).

Didn’t want to create a new thread, so I’ll just ask here:

Why does inputing notes using SHIFT create an extra empty column?

It’s always been like that, apparently (there’s an old thread about this), but it doesn’t make any sense to me.

maybe so you have the option to use it as a cut and paste board for moving stuff around, or so you can add stuff even faster if you want to…

I am just guessing