Chord Mode Buffer


I know it’s not really 100% connected with 2.8b but would like this to be implemented as fast as possible…
would it be possible for user to set how long the chord mode should wait for input for more notes ?

I tend to write notes very fast and my usual workflow is connected with using “DEL” button for moving by step,
in case i have chordmode turned on, and i’m writing a line hitting del to move a step after entering a note is
erasing the note, it works ok without chord mode but then you are not allowed to play chords even if you are not
actually writing data in the pattern. I know this might be just a minor thing but option for setting this up
would be greatly welcomed. somebody writes slower somebody writes faster that’s all good, but let’s have users
to set up what pace works for them

i would like anything like this to be implemented too, coming from impulsetracker.