chord recording

The new feature , that automatically places recorded chords in new tracks/columns is a real pita , especially when recording/playing faster and longer envelope release times .
With shorter release times , renoise doesn’t have the tendency to fill up all not columns .
Sometimes , when it reaches the last columns it skips notes because theren’t any colmuns available , returning back to the first column.
Example …
-Play a 3 note chord ( fisrt three colmumns are filled )
-play an octave interval (colmuns 4/5 are filled )
-again 3 note chord ( columns 6/7/8 are filled )
-Again octave interval ( colmuns 9/10 are filled )
When now playing a 3 note chord the last note is skipped , because only 2 columns are left over to fill .
Renoise won’t place the last note in the first available columns .
Like I said this mostly happens when playing a bit faster and longer release times
I would to see this new feature as a user option, and be disabled if prefered

Is this regarding Renoise 3.0?

What is the bpm and LPB rate you have set this to and do you have Quantise turned on?
You also might want to test this again in the next Beta, some performance issues now meanwhile have been tagged as fixed.