Chords generator (Was: New Features)

Chords generator for lazy boys

very lazy topic indeed. there is an user suggestions forum for the non lazy people, by the way


hit song generator for us even lazier boys.

one button please, no parameters cos i cant be arsed.


No chords generator please, that would make making mainstream sh!t even easier!!! :wacko:

-1. (unless someone can tell us some other advantages, other than having to add one note instead of 3 when you want a chord)


There are already excellent tools out there. For example, Renoise user Suva has written this:

But here’s what I personally use:

Connect it to Renoise via a virtual midi-cable, press the record button in Renoise, hold down Shift and click on the chord you want to nail down in the pattern editor.

Harmony Navigator is truly an excellent piece of software. I also recommend Synfire Pro – although that one is more expensive. (Here’s a video demonstrating how to harmonize a melody:

A chord generator is pretty simple to write as a script. Let’s hope that the devs consider implementing the suggestion I just made in this regard (see ), and I’ll write such a generator for you.