Christian Bale Is My Idol Now

I read in the newspaper that Bale was mad at some guy while shooting a scene for the latest Terminator movie. And since so many people made YouTube videos of it, I checked out a few and was quite impressed by Bale. Finally a guy who isn’t so fucking PC! So sad he apologized for it.…feature=related

:D :drummer: :yeah: :walkman:

and listened to the whole outburst here:…feature=related


Sounds like a baby. Idol? Gosh…

you fucking kidding me? what a fucking cunt. he doesn’t have the right to treat anyone like that; the stupid douche.

Agreed. Only Ramsay has the right to treat people like scum. And only because he is GOD reincarnated.

What a girl.
Sorry, that hasn’t got anything to do with PC. That’s just childish in my opinion.

I guess as always it’s out of context, so whatever made him finaly snap is problably not just one thing just before he snapped.

From what I heard the guy was already asked multiple times not to go about moving lights whilst the camera was rolling. But it’s all speculation really. I read it was during a SUPER-EMOTIONAL scene in Terminator 4 :D

Your sexism is not appreciated, and in displaying it, you’ve become the pot calling the kettle black.

Sounds plausible, most people don’t just snap out of the blue.
But I guess someone wanted some money for a story.

I learned that there’s a Terminator 4 coming from all of this, something I wasn’t really aware of before.

I think this is what the intended purpose is.

People snap every day. Making a story out of it… Something else.

This is a pretty good viral marketing campaign to say the least

well, now i know who christian bale is, but i’m still gonna call him, batman.

he did do some interesting acting in some film with him being a serial killer.
he would do these little commentaries, about mid-80’s music. was very in character with it.

after thinking more about this guy and his type of acting, he could be a future classic james bond.

It often isn’t the guy saying funny things, but the guy who sees a sexistical trend in any message. :panic: (and yes, I just made up the word sexistical ^^)

hehe… tbh: i was referring to the behavior of a certain age, not the gender in particular. I apologize for any panic I may have caused. ;)

Batman at his finest:

Bale’s a dickhead, probably on coke. He beat his mum and sister up last year. Obviously got issues. And what’s up with his accent, he’s British ffs.

Still, he was wicked in The Machinist.

I was just googling a bit, and guess what! Christian Bale is that little kid from Empire of the sun!

Well, I understand the feeling though. Once when I was on stage, doing the performance and stuff. Guy from next band comes up the stage to set up his banner. Fuck, what’s wrong with people sometimes. I appreciate the band and their music, but you don’t come on stage while I am performing, it’s distracting me, it’s distracting the audience. I was about to bash his head in. Instead I cut the song, and said something pretty insulting in the microphone. The guy went away. Later in the backstage they apologized to me. But the performance was basically ruined. :(

Sometimes tech guys come to the stage mid performance aswell, they try to be discrete and everything, they have better reasons going there, but those things should always be avoided at all costs.

This incident was spoofed in admirable fashion at The Colbert Report. :D

I am a big fan of Christian Bale - a very intense actor. The back store to his outburst is that he was doing a very emotional and difficult scene (pivotal even) and a crew member was adjusting lights / doing stuff constantly in his eye line.

Can understand flipping out like that. Last thing I heard they apologized and patched things up. Am looking forward to Terminator 4! :w00t: