Christina Aguilera might pose for Playboy...


some decision guidance :

aguilera sux… and i don’t like playboy actually, GQ and Maxim much better to me…

yeah, she’s a bitch

Well, she’s a hot bitch nevertheless, I bet there will be sold a HUGE amount if she ever poses (or was that when?). Tho I like aguilera better than Britney or any of the other double moral chicks who play with sex on stage, but speak 100% otherwise. At least she’s upfront with it…

Ah well, not something that consumes my day, just a small thought. :rolleyes:






w000t !!!

And my dick is growing, growing, growing…

Funny that a small IRC chat can become a POST and a POLL in the forum :))

med I see that you’re one nasty pervert :smiley: (and I thank you for that)

disgusting… painted eyebrows, ugly face…

hahah I picture you saying this while she sucks your cock…

“disgusting… painted eyebrows… ugly face”


man, you makes me puke. i’ll never give my cock to such ugly girl(that’s a big question btw). i better go and masturbate.

I think that’s what the pics are for :wink:

I must agree on one point, I couldn’t date such a shallow girl, but f****… that’s one HELL of a BIATCH

i prefer highquality instead that sickness… something like neroscan collection
(a couple of days ago i downloaded all the collection, and it’s almost 800 megs of italian girls tendency pics)

it just shows how big we are :)

don’t worry, this is not about porno, this is about biology :)

hmm i’m guess i’m with zed that christina isn’t so hot being an airbrush queen and all.

but the neroscan collection isn’t much better … getting off to boring softcore???

i was going to post some urls but then i remembered this board is for children as well so :ph34r: