Christmas music album (new-age / spiritual / easy listening)

Hi there!

Then, I’m more used to post some cute tracks on this forum (and that’s nice too :slight_smile:) but here is a project completly different! After 4 years without releasing an entire album, I came back to my new-age project this year. And then I finished my album dedicated to Christmas, started years ago (yes!).

In this album I made mainly instrumental rework of classical and traditional Christmas musics. All is done with Renoise and various VST.

Listen here: (main title traduction “Lights of Christmas”)

Also available into CD digipack into some french stores, Amazon France and more… :evergreen_tree: :star:

Album preview:

A track from this album, a video released by the videomaker Andreea Petcu on her YouTube channel:


Great work Fabrice and with all the troubles we all have this year with the virus this is a great way to let some steam out and relax, forget about our problems and get into the Christmas spirit