Church For Halo

Don’t know if this’ll be of interest to anyone here, but I spent ages creating it, so here goes. This is a new custom map for the game Halo CE on the PC. It was designed to push the limits of the engine as much as possible while still remaining playable. That said, fun gameplay and teamwork were always the first concern. Click on the thumbnails for screenshots and visit the link below for more details, a promotional video I made and the map file too:

(click to enlarge)

looks awesome. it’s too bad that Halo was the biggest letdown for PC owners EVER. originally, it was being developed as a PC title, before the x-box was even announced. then, xbox comes along and suddenly Halo is xbox exclusive! so it came out for pc a year and a half later and still ran like shit on modern hardware, AND has incredibly bland single player gameplay.

not good :(

by the time i ever got a chance to play Halo, i was sooo incredibly disappointed. i had moved on by this point, and had plenty of actually fun games to play… FAR CRY, anyone??

hopefully this doesn’t ruin your thread though, the map looks nice :)