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not bad, the wobble is abit too unrelenting and unfocused to my ears though. good dubstep is about space and economy of force, and this sounds abit too cluttered to me. i think you have some nice bits going on at points but that LFO just becomes really annoying by the end (sorry). i would suggest you try adding abit more subtle sub and using the wobble in moderation, let some of the effects and ambiences you use linger for a little bit. then when the bass comes in there will be more impact to it. you could also try adding a touch more shuffle to the beat, maybe? it sound abit rigid. but that could work also if you tighten up the bass to work with the beat more. you could also try laying the bass sounds by sending them to other channels and EQing the different channels of the same bassline differently and adding some effects to the higher frequencies such as a touch of distortion or flanger, to give the bass sound more individual character, and laying some sub underneath it (but all to create ‘one’ bass sound, not lots of different lines). sorry if this sounds abit critical, this is a good start, but i’ve listened to a lot of good and bad dubstep and these are the kind of things which would make this better in my view, you might disagree

Thanks for the comment.
you’re right. way too much wobble, not enough space.

Don’t know shit about dubstep, but this sounded like someone having a good think. I’d listen to this again.

It sounds like a fucking insane asylum for cyborgs :open_mouth:

^ I love that!


it’s def a wanderer.
the BLines at 2:16 and 4:07 =

i really enjoyed that… not too much wobble…i like it when things sound kinda “wrong”… might be cool if the beat fell apart here and there too…

sounds like the computer is very frustrated and various aspects of it’s personality are attempting to express themselves in inappropriate manners… theres one point where a majorish sounding synth line tries to calm everybody down, but it’s quickly silenced by the others…cool stuff